LivBar’s Yoga Inferno

Here at LivBar®, we believe that clean, healthy eating can change your life. We also believe that staying active and fit is an important piece of the mind-body connection. One thing we’re especially passionate about is hot yoga.

I was afraid I might not be able to make it through a whole class, but I finally took the plunge and gave it a try. Not only did I survive my first class just fine, but I came back for more and it’s felt easier each time.
Sarah W.

Twenty Six and Two

We’ve built a small hot yoga studio in a converted storage area adjacent to our commercial kitchen, and LivBar® owner Jayson Selander is one of the hot yoga instructors. We call our studio and practice “26 and 2,” in reference to 26 postures plus two breathing exercises.

The series is perfect for beginners through seasoned yogis. Class is 60 or 90 minutes long in a room heated to about 105 degrees. Come prepared to be challenged, to sweat, and to feel healthy and energized. Class is limited to 17 students, so please register to ensure your spot.

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LivBars are filled with healthy fats and plant-proteins to fuel your day.

Yoga Schedule

$10 per class or 12 class card for $100


To simplify the registering process, we created 1 yoga class. Refer to the above chart to see what you are registering for. *Fridays at 6PM is the Core 40 Intermediate Class.

249 Liberty St NE #130 Door code is: #3219